SPS class Environment

Ideal Classroom Enviornment

We beleive it is important to creating an ideal school or classroom.We works hard to maintain a positive learning environment, or one that allows students to feel comfortable and confident as learners.

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Shriman Public School Bus

Safe Transport Facility

Shriman Public School provides Safe and Secure transport facility for those students, lives far away from School.The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of outsourced school buses.

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Playground at Shriman Public School (SPS)

Play Area for Students

As we know, play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well being of children. It impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically and with multifaceted ways. Encouraging physical activity, the school has a safe and secure environment for fun filled activities.

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Computer Lab

Lab and Library Facilities

We understands the importance of school labs.Effective teaching and learning of science involves a perpetual state of show and tell.Therefore, we combine classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that students grasp each and every concept thoroughly.
A school library is a place in the school where vast collections of academic books are kept.

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Shriman Public School (SPS) is an English-Medium school from Nursary To Class Seven established in 2014, with a view to offering top-class educational opportunities in the city and villages of Buxar.

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CurriculumWhat We Do

Students and teachers from around the country engage in exploring, experiencing and understanding the world around them.

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InvolvementParental Involvement in Schools

We involves parents also to getting better academic performance.Parent involvement in a child's education is crucial. When parents get involved in their children's education, children are more likely to do better in school, be better behaved, have more positive attitudes toward school, and grow up to be more successful in life.

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BenefitsBenefits of a SPS Education

Everything from a great environment for learning, Social curriculum, holistic education and more. We follow the CBSE Pattern, so course structure is designed to ensure that students do not face a lot of pressure and books are made interactive and interesting. Also, lots of fun activities are included in between the chapters to help students learn in a playful way.

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